Table of Contents

Foreword: The Lawyer: A Material Witness
George Elliott Clarke

The Honourable Thomas A. Cromwell

Part I: What is a Lawyer?

“Better . . . or Worse?” The Satisfactions and Frustrations of the Lawyer‑Client Relationship
Daphne Dumont

Was Lincoln Right?
Augustus Richardson

Lawyer or Liar? Breaking Down Public Perception
Stephen G.A. Pitel

Lawyers, Guns, and Money: Lawyers and Power in Canadian Society
Adam M. Dodek

Part II: What Role do Lawyers Play?

Why We Love to Hate Lawyers
Dean Jobb

The Better Part of Average
Patrick Healy

Why Do We Regulate Lawyers?
Alice Woolley

Lawyers, Snails, and Bottles: The Creeping Pace of Change in the Law
Melina Buckley

Part III: What Role Should Lawyers Play?

More and More Lawyers; Less and Less Justice
Roy McMurtry

The Great Canadian Lawyer: A Manifesto, Eh
Jocelyn Downie & Richard Devlin

Post-9/11 Lawyers
Trevor C.W. Farrow

Guiding Lawyers To Be the Best They Can Be: The Fundamental Ideals of the Legal Profession
Stephen T. Goudge

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