Critics’ Reviews

“Ultimately, the basic ideal of the law
must be that every person or cause merits an advocate who must advance
well-informed, well-crafted, truthful, and persuasive arguments in aid
of the client. That’s why good lawyers matter.”

George Elliott Clarke, OC, ONS, PhD, LLD (Hon) E.J. Pratt Professor of Canadian Literature, University of Toronto (from the Foreword)
“From the beautifully written foreword by George Elliot Clarke, a Canadian poet and playwright, to the final essay addressing “the fundamental ideals of the legal profession” authored by leading Canadian jurist, Justice Stephen T. Goudge, it is clear that this is no ordinary book on legal ethics. One of the major strengths of Why Good Lawyers Matter lies in its success in bringing together a wide range of perspectives on the legal profession. The book features an impressive list of Canadian legal ethics scholars as well as a number of practicing lawyers, judges, and a journalist.”
Amy Salyzyn, Jotwell
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