Critics’ Reviews

“Given its relative brevity, the book covers an impressive breadth of subject matter. It provides readers with a large amount of substantive material about domestic and international law. This material is presented in a highly accessible and engaging manner overall. Legal discussion is sufficiently but not unnecessarily technical, and more conceptual material is grounded in current and familiar topics. [ . . . ] This book will be of interest to a varied readership given the wide-ranging implications of this area of law. Developments in animal law have a diverse impact on industry development, international and domestic policy, the agricultural industry, local and international businesses, the charitable sector, the entertainment industry (controversies over the Calgary Stampede come to mind), scientific and medical research, and Aboriginal rights claimants. Animals and the Law is a must-read for legal professionals, academics, and students with interests in these areas and in animal law specifically.”
Michelle Korpan, Saskatchewan Law Review 2016, Vol. 79
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