Table of Contents



Chapter 1: The 2008 Financial Crisis and Beyond

Chapter 2: Who Is the Canadian Investor?

Chapter 3: Securities Regulators’ Mandate and the Public Interest Power

Chapter 4: Regulating Titles

Chapter 5: The Duties of Financial Advisers

Chapter 6: Embedded Commissions

Chapter 7: Fraud, Ponzi Schemes, and Investors’ Right to Recover for Financial Loss

Chapter 8: Canada and the Global Financial Crisis

Chapter 9: Asset-Backed Commercial Paper: A Canadian Crisis

Chapter 10: Let’s Talk About Debt

Chapter 11: Securities Regulation and the Constitutional Division of Powers

Chapter 12: Protecting the Capital Markets from Criminal Activity

Chapter 13: Whistleblowers

Chapter 14: Ownership and Control in Publicly Traded Corporations

Chapter 15: Magna International

Chapter 16: Shareholder Rights in Takeover Bids

Chapter 17: The Rise of Shareholders

Chapter 18: Financial Literacy in Canada

Chapter 19: Epilogue


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