Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction
Shaheen Azmi, Lorne Foster, Lesley Jacobs

Part 1: Institutions and Policy

Chapter 1: Policy on Competing Human Rights
Ontario Human Rights Commission

Chapter 2: Addressing Competing Human Rights Claims: The Policy Approach of the Ontario Human Rights Commission
Shaheen Azmi

Chapter 3: Oil and Vinegar: Resolving Conflicting Rights under the Charter and Ontario’s Human Rights Code
Janet Epp Buckingham

Chapter 4: The Attack on Human Rights Commissions
Richard Moon

Chapter 5: Societal Perspectives in Competing Rights Policy: Law Reform Agencies and Consulting with Communities
Patricia Hughes

Chapter 6: Competing Human Rights Claims during Tribunal Procedures
Gary Yee

Part 2: Principles and Applications

Chapter 7: Sidewalk Stories: Sites of Encounter and Coexistence
Shauna Van Praagh

Chapter 8: Framing Competing Human Rights Claims: The Promise of Shared Social Citizenship
Lorne Foster and Lesley Jacobs

Chapter 9: Reaching Equilibrium between Conflicting Rights
Errol P. Mendes

Chapter 10: The Reconciliation of Legal Rights
Patricia Hughes

Chapter 11: Balancing Conflicting Rights: Towards an Analytical Framework
B.J. Wray

Chapter 12: Sexual Orientation and Religion in Canada: Litigation and Beyond
Miriam Smith

Chapter 13: Fairness and the Freedom of Religion: Diversity and Pluralism in the Public Sphere
Iain T Benson

Chapter 14: Competing Rights in Context: The Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Lauren Bates

Chapter 15: Regulating Hate Speech in Canada
Richard Moon

Chapter 16: Toleration and the Reconciliation of Conflicting Rights
Stephen L. Newman

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