Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Libel and Slander
Chapter 2: Defamation Actions to Avoid
Chapter 3: Should You Sue?
Chapter 4: Response to a Lawsuit
Chapter 5: Injunctions
Chapter 6: Notice of Intended Action and Limitation Defences
Chapter 7: Parties
Chapter 8: Jurisdictional Issues
Chapter 9: Apologies and Retractions
Chapter 10: Security for Costs Under Defamation Statutes
Chapter 11: Joinder
Chapter 12: Trial by Jury
Chapter 13: Identification of the Plaintiff
Chapter 14: Publication and Republication
Chapter 15: Defamatory Meaning
Chapter 16: Express Malice
Chapter 17: Fair Comment
Chapter 18: Qualified and Statutory Privilege
Chapter 19: Qualified Privilege and Publication to the World at Large
Chapter 20: Absolute Privilege
Chapter 21: Justification
Chapter 22: Consent
Chapter 34: Pleadings
Chapter 34: Polly Peck and Pizza Pizza
Chapter 35: Pre-trial Disposition of Claims and Defences
Chapter 26: Discovery of Documents
Chapter 27: Examination for Discovery
Chapter 28: Evidence at Trial
Chapter 29: Charge and Questions to the Jury
Chapter 30: Damages
Chapter 31: Appeals
Chapter 32: Related Causes of Action
Chapter 33: Charter Issues
Chapter 43: Insurance Issues
Table of Cases

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