Table of Contents

Introduction – Allan Manson and David Mullan

Part One: Overview
Chapter 1: Canadian Commissions of Inquiry: An Insider’s Perspectives – Thomas Berger

Part Two: Securing Political and Governmental Accountability Through Commissions of Inquiry
Chapter 2: Commissions of Inquiry and Governmental Accountability: Recent British Experience – A.W. Bradley
Chapter 3: Securing Accountability Through Commissions of Inquiry: A Role for the Law Commission of Canada – Robert Centa and Patrick Mecklem
Chapter 4: Commentary – David P. Shugarman and Denis Lemieux
Chapter 5: Commissions of Inquiry: Some Thoughts from New Zealand – K.J. Keith

Part Three: Developing Policy by Royal Commission
Chapter 6: The Complex Relationship Between Inquiries and Public Controversy – Liora Salter
Chapter 7: The Policy Inquiry: An Endangered Species? – John D. McCamus
Chapter 8: Challenging Policy Paradigms: Women, Royal Commissions, and the Public-Private Divide – Annis May Timpson

Part Four: Who Did What to Whom Inquiries
Chapter 9: Public Inquiries and the Legality of Blaming: Truth, Justice, and the Canadian Way – A. Wayne MacKay and Moira G. McQueen
Chapter 10: Commentary – Ann Derrick
Chapter 11: Declaration of Independence: Examining the Independence of Federal Public Inquiries – Tamar Witelson
Chapter 12: Interview with Mr. Justice Gilles Létourneau, Somalia Commission Chair – Tamar Witelson

Part Five: The Methodology of Royal Commissions: How to Do it Effectively and the Legal Constraints
Chapter 13: The Bernardo Investigation Review – Justice Archie Campbell
Chapter 14: Procedural, Strategic, and Legal Constraints upon a Non-statutory Inquiry: A Case Study – Margaret Allars

Part Six: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Royal Commissions and Reforming the Processes of Royal Commissions
Chapter 15: Public Inquiries – Bryan Schwartz
Chapter 16: Commentary – Ann Chaplin

Chapter 17: Interrogating Inquiries – Roderick A. MacDonald
Chapter 18: Concluding Comments – Hudson N. Janisch
Chapter 19: Lessons from Walkerton – Allan Manson and David Mullan

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