Table of Contents

Foreword – Mr. Justice Saul Nosanchuk
Introduction – Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C.

PART ONE: Proof and Innocence
CHAPTER 1: Innocence and Proof: R. v. John Alexander MacKenzie – Joel E. Pink, Q.C.
CHAPTER 2: Susan Nelles: The Defence of Innocence – Austin Cooper, Q.C.
CHAPTER 3: The Presumption of Guilt: Experiences from Milgaard and Other Cases – Hersh Wolch, Q.C.
CHAPTER 4: Thomas Sophonow: A Long Road to Innocence – G. Greg Brodsky, Q.C.

PART TWO: A Variety of Defences
CHAPTER 5: Revisiting the Insanity Defence: The Capital Murder Trial of Matthew Charles Lamb – Mr. Justice Saul Nosanchuk
CHAPTER 6: Sleepwalking as Non-Insane Automatism: R. v. Parks – Marlys Edwardh
CHAPTER 7: Automatism—Legitimate Defence or Legalized Irresponsibility:R. v. Joudrie – Noel C. O’Brien, Q.C.
CHAPTER 8: The Mystique of Science: The Influence of Experts on the Administration of Criminal Justice – Brian H. Greenspan
CHAPTER 9: Taking the Law into Your Own Hands: Child Abduction and the Defence of Necessity – Raphael H. Schachter

PART THREE: Defence Counsel and the Truth
CHAPTER 10: Reflections on a Half-Century of Criminal Practice – Hon. G. Arthur Martin, Q.C.
CHAPTER 11: The Art of the Advocate: R. v. Thatcher – Hon. Gerald N. Allbright
CHAPTER 12: You Can’t Judge a Crown Brief by Its Cover: How Preliminary Inquiries Can Avoid Unnecessary Trials – David M. Cohn
CHAPTER 13: The Murder of Bruce Lorenz: The Role of Defence Counsel – Edward L. Greenspan
CHAPTER 14: Do We Care about the Truth? Real Truth v. Legal Truth – Hon. Michel Proulx, Q.C.

PART FOUR: From Law to Politics
CHAPTER 15: From Defence to Offence: Criminal Law Practice as a Prelude to Politics – Frank J. McKenna, P.C., Q.C.

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