Table of Contents


Chapter 1: From My Side of the Desk: A Case for School Law
Nora M Findlay

Chapter 2: The Legal and Administrative Framework of Education in Canada
Frank Peters

Chapter 3: The Role of Courts in Education
Shirley Van Nuland

Chapter 4: Educator Rights and Duties
David C Young

Chapter 5: Student Rights
Nadya Tymochenko

Chapter 6: Educators’ Negligence and Liability
Theresa Shanahan

Chapter 7: Issues of Misconduct
Justice Marvin A Zuker (retired)

Chapter 8: Clicks and Stones: Cyberbullying in Canadian Schools
Eric M Roher

Chapter 9: Special Education Law in Canada
Brenda Bowlby and Lauri Reesor

Chapter 10: Copyright and Canadian Schools
Margaret Ann Wilkinson

Table of Cases

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