Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Regulatory Jurisdiction
Chapter 2: Considerations in the Formation of the Nonunion Employment Relationship — Contract of Service
Chapter 3: Employment and Nonemployment Work Relationships
Chapter 4: Termination Compensation Considerations
Chapter 5: Fiduciary Employees
Chapter 6: Temporary Agency Workers — Whose Employees Are They?
Chapter 7: Minimum Mandatory Employer Obligations — Employment Standards Act, 2000
Chapter 8: Enforcement of Employment Standards
Chapter 9: Progressive Discipline
Chapter 10: Safety in the Workplace
Chapter 11: Pay Equity
Chapter 12: Freedom From Discrimination
Chapter 13: Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities
Chapter 14: Privacy in the Workplace
Chapter 15: Foreign Worker Protection
Chapter 16: End of the Nonunion Employment Relationship
Chapter 17: Wrongful Dismissal Litigation and Damages — Breach of the Employment Contract
Chapter 18: Union Employment Relationship
Chapter 19: Closing Comments


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