Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Basic Concepts in Environmental Law
Chapter 2: The Constitutional Allocation of Environmental Responsibilities and Interjurisdictional Coordination
Chapter 3: Environmental Rights
Chapter 4: The International Context of Canadian Environmental Law
Chapter 5: Civil Liability for Environmental Harm
Chapter 6: Environmental Regulations and Approvals
Chapter 7: Administrative Compliance Mechanisms
Chapter 8: Offences, Prosecution, and Penalties
Chapter 9: Corporate Environmental Obligations and Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
Chapter 10: Environmental Valuation and Compensation
Chapter 11: Remediation and Restoration of Contaminated Lands
Chapter 12: Environmental Assessment
Chapter 13: Toxic Substances
Chapter 14: Endangered Spaces and Species
Chapter 15: Environmental Law and the Citizen
Chapter 16: Consultation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Voluntary Measures
Chapter 17: Economic Instruments
Chapter 18: Environmental Reporting and Information Sources
Chapter 19: Climate Change: Canadian Legal and Policy Responses

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