Table of Contents


1 Introduction: The Administration of Justice and National Security in Democracies

Christopher K. Penny

Part One:  Context

2 Islamist Terrorism: Assessing Threats to Democracy

Lorenzo Vidino

Part Two:  Law and the Challenge of Terrorism

3 Human Rights in Times of Terror: A Judicial Point of View

The Honourable Aharon Barak

4 On Being Overinvested in Law as a Weapon Against Terrorism

The Honourable Richard A. Posner

5 Respect des libertés individuelles et exigences de sécurité nationale : quel point d’équilibre?

Jean-Claude Marin

6 The Administration of Justice, the Charter, and Canada’s National Security

Stanley A. Cohen

7 Common Law and Statutory Provisions Relating to National Security

The Honourable Sir Andrew Collins


Part Three:  Conducting and Reporting National Security Proceedings

 8 Terrorism Trials

The Honourable Ian Bruce Josephson


9 Media Reporting on National Security Judicial Proceedings

The Right Honourable Lord Hutton

Part Four:  Implications of Torture and Coercion

10 Adjudicating National Security: Ethics, Counter-Terrorism, and the Administration of Justice

Angela Gendron

11 Torture and Evidence in Criminal Matters

The Honourable Yorick Aler

12 Deportations with Assurances: A United Kingdom Court’s Perspective

The Honourable Sir Duncan Ouseley

Part Five:  National Security Oversight and Review

13 Tests of Maturity: An Australian Perspective

Ian Carnell

14 Intelligence Services Commissioner for the United Kingdom

The Right Honourable Sir Peter Gibson

15 The Role of Canada’s Security Intelligence Review Committee in Safeguarding Human Rights While Protecting National Security

The Honourable Gary Filmon

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