Table of Contents


Introduction: Intellectual Property for the 21st Century: Interdisciplinary Approaches
Teresa Scassa, Mistrale Goudreau, B Courtney Doagoo, and Madelaine Saginur

Theme One: New Windows on Intellectual Property Law

Chapter 1: Adapting Novel into Film
Cameron Hutchison

Chapter 2: Out of Tune: Why Copyright Law Needs Music Lessons
Carys Craig & Guillaume Laroche

Chapter 3: The Confidentiality of Seclusion: Studying Information Flows to Test Intellectual Property Paradigms
Margaret Ann Wilkinson

Chapter 4: The Precautionary Principle and Its Application in the Intellectual Property Context: Towards a Public Domain Impact Assessment
Graham J Reynolds

Chapter 5: Abus et Propriété Intellectuelle ou du Bon Usage des Droits
Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse

Chapter 6: Biopatenting and Industrial Policy Discourse: Decoding the Message of Biomedia on the Limits of Agents and Audiences
Bita Amani

Theme Two(a): New Windows — New Insights: A Different Disciplinary Lens

Chapter 7: Historical Institutionalism and the Politics of Intellectual Property
Blayne Haggart

Chapter 8: Feminist Anthropology and Copyright: Gauging the Application and Limitations of Oppositions Models
B Courtney Doagoo

Chapter 9: Intellectual Property, Employment, and Talent Relations: A Media Studies Perspective
Matt Stahl

Chapter 10: A Gramscian Analysis of the Public Performance Right
Louis D’Alton

Chapter 11: Branding Culture: Fictional Characters and Undead Celebrities in an Era of “Transpropertied” Media
Daniel Downes

Chapter 12: Punishment, Private Style: Statutory Damages in Canadian Copyright Law
João Velloso & Mistrale Goudreau

Theme Two(b): New Windows — New Insights: Discourses and Paradigms

Chapter 13: Information Society Discourse, Innovation, and Intellectual Property
Michael McNally

Chapter 14: Seeking the Margins—Fair Use and Copyright, Harold Innis, and Israel
Meera Nair

Chapter 15: Intellectual Property: The Promise and Risk of Human Rights
Chidi Oguamanam

Chapter 16: Merges on Just IP: Are IP Rights Basic?
Gregory Hagen

Chapter 17: Appropriation Appropriated: Ethical, Artistic, and Legal Debates in Canada
Laura J Murray & Kirsty Robertson

Chapter 18: The Story of My Life: Fiction, Ethics, and the Self at Law
Andrea Slane

Chapter 19: Structures of Sharing: Depropriation and Intellectual Property Law
Marcus Boon

Theme Three: Interdisciplinarity in Practice

Chapter 20: Mapping the Outcomes of Multidisciplinary Intellectual Property Research: Lessons from the African Copyright Experience
Jeremy de Beer

Chapter 21: Evidentiary Problems of Multidisciplinarity in the Litigation of Business Method Patents
Norman Siebrasse

Theme Four: Impact of Law or Impact on Law?

Chapter 22: Emerging Academic Scientists’ Exclusionary Encounters with Commercialization Law, Policy, and Practice
Matthew Herder

Chapter 23: Copyright’s Media Theory and the Internet: The Case of the Chilling Effects Doctrine
Jonathon W Penney

Chapter 24: Ambush Marketing Legislation to Protect Olympic Sponsors: A Step Too Far in the Name of Brand Protection?
Benoit Séguin & Teresa Scassa

Chapter 25: Copyright as Barrier to Creativity: The Case of User-Generated Content
Samuel Trosow

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