Table of Contents

Chapter One: Preparation

  • Resumés and Cover Letters
  • Core Messages

 Chapter Two: Interviews

  • Fifty Points on Interviewing
  • Professionalism in Interviews
  • Physiology and the Interview

 Chapter Three: First Year

  • Recruitment Cycles for First-Year Law Students
  • Legal Research and Writing

 Chapter Four: Second Year

  • Second-Year Summer Jobs
  • On-Campus Interviews (OCIs) for Positions with Law Firms
  • Other Second-Year Summer Jobs

 Chapter Five: Third Year

  • Beginning Your Articling Job Search
  • Articling in Another Province

 Chapter Six: Articling

  • How to Excel at Articles

 Chapter Seven: Associate Positions

  • A Framework for an Associate Job Search
  • The Associate Job Interview

 Chapter Eight: Practice Management & Organization

  • Reduce Stress
  • Professional Liability
  • Increase Efficiency

 Chapter Nine: The Release Hatch: Leaving Law and Finding Another Job

  • Analyzing Why You Want to Leave Law
  • Building a Budget
  • Finding a New Industry
  • Repackaging Your Skills
  • Drafting a New Resumé

 Chapter Ten: Samples

  • Sample Resumé and Analysis
  • Cover Letter and Analysis
  • Sample Cover Letter Sentences
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Sample Practice Areas
  • Law Office Structures and Traditional Law Careers
  • Organizational System
  • Sample File List
  • Sample Telephone Log

Chapter Eleven: Personal Workbook

  • Personal Background
  • General Areas of Interest
  • Emerging Areas of Interest
  • Advanced Areas of Interest
  • Research and Information Integration
  • Network Building
  • Work Environment, Work Style, and Career Goals
  • Tactical Strategies for Improvement
  • Budget
  • Deadlines and Send-by Dates
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