Table of Contents


Part One: Background
Chapter 1: The Reach of Administrative Law
Chapter 2: Constitutional Foundations

Part Two: Substantive Review
Chapter 3: Jurisdiction
Chapter 4: Jurisdictional Wranglings
Chapter 5: Error of Law and Error of Fact Review
Chapter 6: Abuse of Discretion
Chapter 7: Delegated Legislation

Part Three: Procedural Fairness
Chapter 8: The Reach of Procedural Fairness Rights
Chapter 9: Legitimate Expectation
Chapter 10: Procedural Protections under the Charter and the Various Bills of Rights
Chapter 11: Statutory Procedural Codes
Chapter 12: Consequences of a Denial of Procedural Rights
Chapter 13: Audi Alteram Partem (Hear the Other Side)
Chapter 14: Bias and Lack of Independence
Chapter 15: The Adjectival or Ancillary Powers of Administrative Tribunals

Part Four: Remedies
Chapter 16: General
Chapter 17: Statutory Reform
Chapter 18: Standing
Chapter 19: Other Methods of Judicial Scrutiny of Administrative Action
Chapter 20: Limits on Review
Chapter 21: Money Remedies
Chapter 22: The Omdusman

Part Five: Administrative Law in the Twenty-First Century
Chapter 23: The Future

Table of Cases
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