Table of Contents

Introduction: Advancing Social Rights in Canada
Bruce Porter and Martha Jackman

Chapter 1: International Human Rights in Anti-poverty and Housing Strategies: Making the Connection
Bruce Porter

Chapter 2: Rights-Based Strategies to Address Homelessness and Poverty in Canada: The Charter Framework
Martha Jackman and Bruce Porter

Chapter 3: Poverty as a Human Rights Violation (Except in Governmental Anti-poverty Strategies)
Vincent Greason

Chapter 4: Accountability Regimes for Federal Social Transfers: An Exercise in Deconstruction and Reconstruction
Barbara Cameron

Chapter 5: Challenging Discriminatory and Punitive Responses to Homelessness in Canada
Marie-Eve Sylvestre and Céline Bellot

Chapter 6: Immutability Hauntings: Socio-economic Status and Women’s Right to Just Conditions of Work under Section 15 of the Charter
Kerri A Froc

Chapter 7: Litigating to Advance the Substantive Equality Rights of People with Disabilities
Gwen Brodsky, Shelagh Day, and Yvonne Peters

Chapter 8: Access to Energy: How Form Overtook Substance and Disempowered the Poor in Nova Scotia
Claire McNeil and Vincent Calderhead

Chapter 9: The Right to Safe Water and Crown-Aboriginal Fiduciary Law: Litigating a Resolution to the Public Health Hazards of On-Reserve Water Problems
Constance MacIntosh

Chapter 10: Participation and Accountability: New Avenues for Human Rights Engagement with the Distribution of Health Resources in Canada
Alana Klein

Chapter 11: Social Rights and Administrative Justice
Lorne Sossin and Andrea Hill

Chapter 12: Environmental Concerns and the Interdependence of Human Rights: A Path to Political Responsibility?
Sylvie Paquerot
Translated from the original French by Sadie Scapillato

Chapter 13: Has Public Protest Gone to the Dogs?: A Social Rights Approach to Social Protest Law in Canada
Graham Mayeda

Chapter 14: Sleeping Rough and Shooting Up: Taking British Columbia’s Urban Justice Issues to Court
Margot Young

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