Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Mental Health Act
Chapter 2: Mental Health Act Regulations
Chapter 3: Health Care Consent Act
Chapter 4: Health Care Consent Act Regulations
Chapter 5: Substitute Decisions Act
Chapter 6: Substitute Decisions Act Regulations
Chapter 7: Mental Hospitals Act
Chapter 8: Mental Hospitals Act Regulations
Chapter 9: Public Hospitals Act
Chapter 10: Public Hospitals Act Regulations
Chapter 11: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Chapter 12: Personal Health Information Protection Act
Chapter 13: Personal Health Information Protection Act Regulations
Chapter 14: Criminal Code Excerpts
Chapter 15: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Appendix A: Mental Health Act Forms
Appendix B: Health Care Consent Act, 1996 Forms
Appendix C: Substitute Decisions Act, 1992 Forms
Appendix D: Personal Health Information Protection Act Forms
Appendix E: Consent and Capacity Board
Appendix F: Crown Policy Manual
Appendix G: Criminal Code Forms
Table of Cases

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