Table of Contents


Part I: A Philosophical Prelude

Chapter 1: Philosophy and the Case for Animals
Angus Taylor

Part II: The Fundamental Prohibition: Unnecessary Suffering

Chapter 2: Rethinking the Application of Canadian Criminal Law to Factory Farming
Katie Sykes

Chapter 3: Traffic Tickets on the Last Ride
Vaughan Black

Part III: The Fundamental Classification: Property

Chapter 4: A Monkey in the Middle: Reflections on Darwin the Macaque
and the (R)evolution of Wild Animals in Canadian Common Law
Mary J Shariff

Chapter 5: The Canadian Seal Hunt as Seen in Fraser’s Mirror
Lesli Bisgould & Peter Sankoff

Part IV: Different Communities: Municipal, Aboriginal, and International

Chapter 6: Municipal Governance and Innovative Shark Conservation Efforts: Problems and Prospects
Cameron Jefferies & Eran Kaplinsky

Chapter 7: Animal Rights and Aboriginal Rights
Will Kymlicka & Sue Donaldson

Chapter 8: Indigenous Rights and Relations with Animals: Seeing beyond Canadian Law
Constance MacIntosh

Chapter 9: Whales and Seals and Bears, Oh My! The Evolution of Global Animal Law and Canada’s Ambiguous Stance
Katie Sykes, Joanna Langille, & Robert Howse

Part V: New Tactical Approaches

Chapter 10: Charities, Animals, and Social Change: Charting a More Charitable Approach to Animal Advocacy
Maneesha Deckha & Sarah Runyon

Chapter 11: What Does False Advertising Have to Do with Animal Protection?
Camille Labchuk

Chapter 12: Bringing Animal Abusers to Justice Independently:
Private Prosecutions and the Enforcement of Canadian Animal Protection
Sophie Gaillard & Peter Sankoff

Table of Cases

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