Table of Contents


Introduction: Paradoxes of Children’s Rights
Nicholas Bala

Part One

Chapter 1: The Children’s Trilogy: The Best Interests of the Child Principle and the Principles of Fundamental Justice
Mark Carter

Chapter 2: Children’s Rights and Health Law: The “Mature Minor” Rule Revisited
Gerald B. Robertson, QC

Chapter 3: Nowhere to Stand: Correction by Force in the Supreme Court of Canada
Anne McGillivray

Chapter 4: The Child Witness Project: Examining the Assessment of the Competence of Child Witnesses
Victoria Talwar, Rod Lindsay, and Kang Lee

Chapter 5: Factors Influencing the Eyewitness Identification Accuracy of Child Witnesses
Natalie Kalmet, Rod Lindsay, Michelle I. Bertrand, and Jamal K. Mansour

Part Two

Chapter 6: The Changing Face of Youth Corrections
Carla Cesaroni

Chapter 7: The Last Chance Sanction in Youth Court: The Deferred Custody and Supervision Order
Peter J. Carrington and Julian V. Roberts

Chapter 8: The Youth Criminal Defence Office: A Model Approach to the Right to Counsel
Cathy Lane Goodfellow, QC

Chapter 9: Understanding the Principled Arguments for Criminalizing Misbehaviour by Youths under Twelve
Anthony N. Doob and Jane B. Sprott

Part Three

Chapter 10: Judicial Interviews of Children in Custody and Access Cases
Dan L. Goldberg

Chapter 11: Speaking for Themselves: A Pilot Program Balancing Children’s Rights and Best Interests in High-Conflict Families
Dale Hensley, QC and Jean Dunbar

Chapter 12: An Evaluation of Alberta’s Family Law Act
Leslie D. MacRae, Shane D. Simpson, Joanne J. Paetsch, Lorne D. Bertrand, Sheryl Pearson, and Joseph P. Hornick

Chapter 13: No Presumptions: Joint Custody in the British Columbia Court of Appeal
Susan B. Boyd

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