Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction: Farm Workers, Collective Bargaining Rights, and the Meaning of Constitutional Protection
Judy Fudge

Chapter 2: Farm Worker Exceptionalism: Past, Present, and the post-Fraser Future 
Eric Tucker

Chapter 3: The Roots of Organizing Agriculture Workers in Canada
Wayne Hanley

Chapter 4: Development as Remittances or Development as Freedom? Exploring
Canada’s Temporary Migration Programs from a Rights-based Approach
Kerry Preibisch

Chapter 5: Envisioning Equality: Analogous Grounds and Farm Workers’ Experience of Discrimination
Fay Faraday

Chapter 6: Harvest Pilgrims: Migrant Farm Workers in Ontario
Vincenzo Pietropaolo

Chapter 7: The Fraser Case: A Wrong Turn in a Fog of Judicial Deference
Paul JJ Cavalluzzo

Chapter 8: What Fraser Means For Labour Rights in Canada
Steven Barrett and Ethan Poskanzer

Chapter 9: Labour Rights: A Democratic Counterweight to Growing Income Inequality in Canada
Derek Fudge

Chapter 10: The International Constitution
Patrick Macklem

Chapter 11: Giving Life to the ILO —Two Cheers for the SCC
KD Ewing and John Hendy, QC

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