Critics’ Reviews

“Every Cyclist’s Guide to Canadian Law is no ordinary lay discussion of a legal issue. This excellent book…is a thorough and sophisticated look at the emerging area of cycling law. […] The Introduction to the book sets out the authors’ ‘hope that this book will make your cycling safer, swifter, and more satisfying.’ That sentence is indicative of the book’s tone—accessible and conversational and, in my view, the book holds up to its promise. While the book includes advocacy for new or better laws…it is first and foremost a description and analysis of how the law stands now, and how it can affect your morning commute or bicycle race. […] Forcese and LaViolette manage to keep the writing crisp despite the jurisdictional variances; the book’s style is equivalent to a sunny morning’s ride with friends. […] It is good to see lawyers taking cycling seriously again.”
Christopher Waters, Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues 36, 204
“Even though it is a guide written by lawyers, there are no assumptions that one must be a lawyer to understand the legalese as it’s written in plain English. For those unfamiliar with the Canadian legal system, the foundation is set with an introduction to the Canadian constitutional system, touching on the difference between common law and civil law, and the Canadian court system, making this book ideal for citizens and travelers to this country who wish to educate themselves on the cycling rules should they consider riding in Canada.”
Frances Wong, Canadian Law Library Review, 41:2
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