Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Remedies for Bad Behaviour in Canadian Contract Law
Robert Sharpe

Chapter 2: Reliance Damages for Breach of Contract
David McLauchlan 

Chapter 3: Fuller and Perdue’s Limitations: Opportunities, Performance, and Quantification
Maree Chetwin

Chapter 4: Damages for Breach of Contracts with Alternative Performances
Michael G. Pratt

Chapter 5: Coherence, Non-Pecuniary Loss, and the Construction of Privacy
Michael Tilbury

Chapter 6: Beyond Dignity?
Grant Hammond

Chapter 7: Redressing Dignitary Injuries and Non-economic Loss in Novel Torts: Challenges for the Law of Remedies
Penelope Watson

Chapter 8: Holism and Harmony in the Law of Remedies
Ken Cooper-Stephenson

Chapter 9: Remedies: The Key to the Common Law System?
Steve Hedley

Chapter 10: Beyond Compensation: Apology as a Private Law Remedy
Robyn Carroll

Chapter 11: Remedies for Breaches of “Public” Obligations: The Equality Principle Meets the Welfare State and the New Constitutionalism
Geoff McLay

Chapter 12: Addressing the Remedial Interests of Patients after an Adverse Event in Healthcare: The New Zealand Response
Joanna Manning

Chapter 13: The Crown and Remedies
David Wright

Chapter 14: Remedies and Accountability for Unlawful Judicial Action in New Zealand: Could the Law be Tidier?
Bruce V. Harris

Chapter 15: A Plea to Reject the United States Supreme Court’s Due-Process Review of Punitive Damages
Doug Rendleman

Chapter 16: Remedies for Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Joint Ventures
Jessica Palmer

Chapter 17: Mareva Orders in Globalized Litigation
David Capper

Chapter 18: Exporting Your Remedy: A Canadian Perspective on the Recognition and Enforcement of Monetary and Other Relief
H. Scott Fairley

Chapter 19: Damages in Transnational Tort Litigation: Legislative Restrictions
and the Substance/Procedure Distinction in Australian Conflict of Laws
Gary Davis

Chapter 20: The Globalization of Defamation
Russell L. Weaver & David F. Partlett

Chapter 21: The Class Action as Sheriff: Private Law Enforcement and Remedial Roulette
Peta Spender

Chapter 22: Class Actions (Representative Proceedings) and the Exercise of the Cy-Pres Doctrine: Time for Improved Scrutiny
Jeff Berryman

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