Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Francis Turner
CHAPTER 1: Overview: The Legislation and its Impact
CHAPTER 2: The Role of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
CHAPTER 3: Registration with the College
CHAPTER 4: The Complaints Process
CHAPTER 5: Disciplinary Proceedings
CHAPTER 6: Incapacity and Fitness to Practise
CHAPTER 7: Investigations and Appeals
CHAPTER 8: Professional Misconduct
CHAPTER 9: Confidentiality
CHAPTER 10: Record Keeping
CHAPTER 11: Fees
CHAPTER 12: Sexual Misconduct
CHAPTER 13: Mandatory Reporting
CHAPTER 14: Malpractice and Other Sources of Civil and Criminal Liability
CHAPTER 15: Risky Aspects of Practice
CHAPTER 16: Malpractice Avoidance and Insurance
CHAPTER 17: A Look At the Other Provinces
CHAPTER 18: Final Thoughts
CHAPTER 19: Sample Forms and Agreements
Table of Cases

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