Table of Contents


Part One: General Chapters

Chapter 1: Public Lands and Natural Resources: Early History

Chapter 2: Public Lands and Natural Resources: Confederation and Onwards

Chapter 3: Sources of Jurisdiction and Control

Chapter 4: Public Ownership

Chapter 5: Public Lands and Resources Management: The Policy Backdrop

Chapter 6: Public Lands and Resources Planning and Management: Policies, Tools, and Legislation

Chapter 7: Dispositions of Public Resources and Interests in Public Lands

Chapter 8: Project-specific Regulation of Resource Users

Chapter 9: Resource Use Conflicts

Chapter 10: The Future of Public Lands and Natural Resources Law

Part Two: Case Study

Chapter 11: A Case Study in Resource Management: Energy on Public Lands

Part Three: Sectoral Overviews

Chapter 12: Fisheries Sector Overview

Chapter 13: Parks Sector Overview

Chapter 14: Wildlife Sector Overview

Chapter 15: Heritage Sector Overview

Chapter 16: Forestry Sector Overview

Chapter 17: Water Sector Overview

Chapter 18: Mining Sector Overview

Table of Cases


About the Authors

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