Table of Contents

Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
CHAPTER 1: A Brief Historical Overview of Theories About the Relationship of Church and State
CHAPTER 2: A Brief History of Law and Religious Institutions in Canada
CHAPTER 3: Religious Institutions in Canada
CHAPTER 4: Constitutional Fundamentals
CHAPTER 5: Criminal Law
including sections on Sunday Observance; Unlawful Assembly; Disturbing Worship; Blasphemy; Offences against Marriage; Unlawful Solemnization of Marriage; Adultery and Sexual Immorality; Incest; Bestiality; Abortion; Suicide; Duty to Preserve Life; “Right to Die”; Injuring Animals; Witchcraft; Fortune-telling; Gaming, Betting, and Lotteries; Hate Propaganda; Criminal Procedure; and Criminal Penalties
CHAPTER 6: Public Order
including sections on Religious Solicitation; Private Meetings; Public Assemblies and Processions; Ceremonial Weapons; Religious Rights of Prisoners; Military Service; Oaths of Allegiance; and Sanctuary
CHAPTER 7: Evidence
including sections on Evidence Under Oath; Privileged Communications; and Search Warrants
CHAPTER 8: Religious Organizations
including sections on Legal Status of Religious Institutions; Organization and Church Government; Owning and Using Property; Changes in Constitutions; Taxation; Zoning and Planning; Pension Benefits; Wills and Trusts; Church Property Disputes; and Church Union
CHAPTER 9: Discipline in Religious Institutions
CHAPTER 10: Education
CHAPTER 11: Family Law
CHAPTER 12: Health
CHAPTER 13: Sabbath Observance and Employment Accommodations
Table of Cases

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