Table of Contents

Peter W Hogg, QC

Anita Anand

Part 1: The Securities Reference

Chapter 1: Twenty Years of Supreme Court Reference Decisions: Putting the Securities Reference Decision in Context
Poonam Puri

Chapter 2: More Questions than Answers: The Supreme Court of Canada’s Decision in the National Securities Reference
Michael J. Trebilcock

Chapter 3: Competition Policy, Efficacy, and the National Securities Reference
Edward M. Iacobucci

Part 2: Constitutional Considerations

Chapter 4: The General Trade and Commerce Power after the Securities Reference
Ian B. Lee

Chapter 5: Making Waves: The Supreme Court of Canada Confronts Stephen Harper’s Brand of Federalism
David Schneiderman

Chapter 6: Reference Re Securities Act: Comment on Lee and Schneiderman
Mahmud Jamal

Chapter 7: Can Canadian Federalism Be Relevant?
Lorne Sossin

Part 3: Regulatory Structure

Chapter 8: Assuring Independence and Expertise in Financial Services Law: Regulatory Oversight in Light of the Supreme Court of Canada Securities Reference Judgment
Janis Sarra

Chapter 9: A National Systemic Risk Clearinghouse?
Cristie Ford and Hardeep Gill

Chapter 10: Effectiveness, Accountability, and Bias: Some Concerns about a Quasi-National Securities Regulator
Andrew Green

Part 4: Moving Forward

Chapter 11: After the Reference: Regulating Systemic Risk in Canadian Financial Markets
Anita Anand

Chapter 12: A National Securities Commission? The Headless Horseman Rides Again
Jeffrey G. MacIntosh

Chapter 13: The Provinces’ Competence over Securities Regulation in Canada: Taking Stock of the Supreme Court’s Opinion
Stéphane Rousseau

Chapter 14: The Securities Reference: A Comment
Christopher C Nicholls


Public Policy and Judicial Discourse: Observations on Dialogue with the Court through the Securities Reference Decision (2011)
Lawrence E. Ritchie

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