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The Osgoode Society for Legal History

Harry Arthurs

Work on Trial: Canadian Labour Law Struggles
Judy Fudge and Eric Tucker

Part One: Constitutions and Institutions

“Capitalist ‘Justice’ as Peddled by the ‘Noble Lords’”: Toronto Electric Commissioners v. Snider et al.
R. Blake Brown and Jennifer Llewellyn

John East Iron Works v. Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board: A Test for the Infant Administrative State
Beth Bilson

Part Two: Responsible Unions: Security, Orderly Production, and Dissent

How Justice Rand Devised His Famous Formula
William Kaplan

Dissent, Democracy, and Discipline: The Case of Kuzych v. White et al.
Mark Leier

Organizing Offshore: Labour Relations, Industrial Pluralism, and Order in the Newfoundland and Labrador Oil Industry, 1997–2006
Sean T. Cadigan

Part Three: Courts and Collective Action in the Post-War Regime

The Royal York Hotel Case: The “Right” to Strike — And Not Be Fired for Striking
Malcolm E. Davidson

Hersees of Woodstock Ltd. v. Goldstein: How a Small Town Case Made it Big
Eric Tucker

A Certain Malaise: Harrison v. Carswell, Shopping Centre Picketing, and the Limits of the Post-war Settlement
Philip Girard and Jim Phillips

Part Four: Human Rights Norms at Work

Debating Maternity Rights: Pacific Western Airlines and Flight Attendants’ Struggle to “Fly Pregnant” in the 1970s
Joan Sangster

Challenging Norms and Creating Precedents: The Tale of a Woman Firefighter in the Forests of British Columbia
Judy Fudge and Hester Lessard

Part Five: Changing Common Law Norms

The Micropolitics of Wallace v. United Grain Growers Ltd.
Daphne G. Taras

Afterword: Looking Back
Harry Glasbeek

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