Table of Contents

Foreword by Phil Scraton

Prologue: 29 October 1987, Jika Jika High-Security Unit, HM Pentridge Prison, Coburg, Victoria, Australia

IntroductionModern High Security in AustraliaImprisoning Resistance: The Politics of Modern High-SecurityDisciplinary Power, Resistance and High-SecurityCultures of Violence and High-SecurityOfficial Discourse and Official Responses to Disorder, Death and Institutional CrisisBook Overview

Part One: Power and Resistance

Polarisation, Power and Prisoner Resistance in Australian Maximum-Security During the Explosive 1970sManaging a Resistance Proff Panopticon: The Official Beginnings of the Jika Jika High-Security UnitContextualising Resistance: Prisoner Accounts of Power and Survival in the ‘Pressure-Can”Rebelling Against the Dictatorial Regime in Jika’ : Acts of Prisoner Transgression and Resistance

Part Two: Concealing Crisis

Descent into Crisis: The Deaths of John Williams and Sean Downie

Exonerating Institutional Liability: Official Responses to the Death of Sean DownieImprisoning Crises: Official Responses to the Jika Fire as Strategies of Damage Control and Concealment

Epilogue Bibliography Index

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