Table of Contents

Sharing Land and Resources: Modern Agreements and Treaties with Indigenous People in Settler States

Maureen Tehan, Lisa Palmer, Marcia Langton and Odette Mazel

Shared Citizenship and Self-Government in Canada: A Case Study of James Bay and Nunavik (Northern Quebec)

Lisa Palmer and Maureen Tehan

Keeping the Fires Burning: Grievance and Aspiration in the Ngai Tahu Settlement

Sir Tipene O’Regan, Lisa Palmer and Marcia Langton

‘Anchored to the Land’: Asserting and Recognising Aboriginal Jurisdiction in the Northwest Territories

Lisa Palmer and Maureen Tehan

Implementing and Monitoring Indigenous Land Use Agreements in the Minerals Industry: The Western Cape Communities Co-existence Agreement

Peter Crooke, Bruce Harvey and Marcia Langton

Planning for Agreement in Cape York Peninsula: The Pastoral Properties Planning Project

Diane Hafner, David Epworth and Matt Salmon

Authority, Knowledge and Values: Indigenous Nations Engagement in the Management of Natural Resources in the Murray-Darling Basin

Monica Morgan, Lisa Strelein and Jessica Weir

Returning Parna Wiru: Restitution of the Maralinga Lands to Traditional Owners in South Australia

Odette Mazel

Agreement-Making in the Local Context: Case Studies from Regional Australia

Kathryn Shain, William Genat and Ed Wensing

Settling Native Title: Pursuing a Comprehensive Regional Agreement in South West Australia

Stuart Bradfield

From Remnant Lands to Sustainable Communities: Negotiating Spaces for Indigenous Land and Jurisdiction in Darwin and Vancouver

Lisa Palmer and Maureen Tehan

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