Table of Contents

Culture and Law

In-groups/ Out-groups

Cultural Constitutions

Constitutions as cultural artefacts/ The Australian Constitution/ Constitutions for a living culture/ An Australian Republic: a case study

Law-makers: Judges

Common law judges/ Discovering case law/ Evaluating case law/ Judicial law-making: a case study of the Mabo decision

Law-makers: Parliament

The People as law-makers/ The law-making process/ Making prostitution laws: a case study/ Using legislation

Legal Reasoning

Thinking like a common lawyer/ Common law problem-solving/ Law as science?/ Law as discipline

Language and Law

Legal language/ Power, language and Law/ Language disadvantage in the legal system

Ritual and Law

Adversarial justice/ Court as symbol/ Court ceremonies/ Court as spectacle/ Beyond courts/ Decentering law


Appendix 1: Prostitution CasesAppendix 2: Referencing

References/ Index

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