Table of Contents

Practice and Procedure

Sources of InformationThe Constituent Parts of Parliament The Parliamentary Building and Precincts Proceedings on the Meeting of Parliament Speaker, Other Office Holders and Officers Members’ Pledge of Loyalty, Roll, Leave of Absence Members’ Ethics and Code of Conduct Records of the House The Parliamentary Calendar and Elections Sitting and Adjournment of the House Rules of Debate Business Petitions Questions Seeking Information Notices of Motions Motions, Questions, Votes and Resolutions Amendments of Motions Orders of the Day Divisions and Bells Passage of Legislation Consideration in Detail Financial Procedures Disorder Visitors Papers and Documents Committees Witnesses Standing and Sessional orders A Citizen’s Right of ReplyRegister of Pecuniary and Othere InterestsRemuneration and Entitlements for MembersThe MaceRemoval of Judicial Officers and Independent Statutory OfficersThe Parliament’s Role in Referring Matters to or Expanding Powers of Investigatory BodiesAccountability Legislation

Parliamentary Privilege in New South Wales

Introduction to Parliamentary Privilege Such Powers and Privileges as are Implied by Reason of Necessity Such Privileges as were Imported by the Adoption of the Bill of Rights Privilege Conferred by Legislation and Related Matters Other Matters


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