Table of Contents

Introduction: The Second Wave in Context

Megan Richardson

From the Past to the Present to the Future

The Value and Limits of Law and Economics

Michael Trebilcock

Law Versus Economics? Reflections on the NormativeFoundations of Economic Activity

Simon Deakin

The Second Wave of Law and Economics: Learning to Surf

Gillian Hadfield

Some Applications

Game Theory and Remedies for Breach of a Government Tender Contract

Megan Richardson and Joshua Sgro

Perspectives on Joint and Several Tortfeasors andLiability for Economic Loss

Megan Richardson

Mabo and Inalienable Rights to Property:Efficiency and Justice Considerations

Philip Williams and Maureen Tehan

Judicial Perspectives

Law and Economics in the Courts: Is There Hope?

The Honourable Justice Michael Kirby

Law, Economics and Judicial Decision Making

The Right Honourable Justice Sir Ivor Richardson


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