Critics’ Reviews

The Author conducts a detailed analysis of the law relating to the correction of errors in judgments and orders, and the remedying of more substantive errors arising from matters such as the inadvertent failure to raise an issue, as occurred in, for example, Shaddock & Associates V Parramatta City Council (no.2)(1982) 151 CLR 590).

The most surprising feature for some will be the fact that this subject sustains a whole book. Once read, that surprise will give way to admiration for the thoroughness of the author’s analysis of this topic. Read full review… – Greg Geason, The Law Society Tasmania, May 2011

The book is well written. The author underpins the analysis with a careful statement of relevant concepts. … I found the book illuminating. At a shade over 200 pages, it will no doubt be a welcome addition to court libraries as well as being an essential resource for all practitioners, especially those involved in civil litigation. – Jeffrey Barnes, InPrint (LIJ), March 2011

This book is an extremely detailed exposition of the slip rule which will be extremely useful to those who have to argue or decide borderline cases where errors have been made in the recording of court orders. – Australian Law Journal, (2010) 84 ALJ 731

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