Critics’ Reviews

In the Foreword, [Hon Diana] Bryant notes that it is ‘an invaluable addition to our knowledge about family violence and what laws and other facilities are available’. Further, Bryant envisages ‘this book being used daily for its wealth of information, all found in one convenient place’. … Future editions of this book are necessary. … As the Australian DV law guru, the results of the author’s analytical lens could translate into a state of the art or best practice legislative model that would prove beneficial to readers and lawmakers alike. – Patricia Easteal, Alternative Law Journal, Vol 44(2) 2019

Reviews of successor title – Domestic Violence in Australia: The Legal Response (3rd edition):

Alexander successfully provides readers with an in-depth picture of the operation of domestic violence legislation around Australia. … A good knowledge of legal remedies and non-legal; remedies such as the available support service for medical treatment and accommodation is essential for those who work with the victim in day-to-day practice, such as the police, court personnel, legal practitioners and community workers. Practitioners will find the material in this chapter useful when assisting domestic violence victims, as it includes a list of legal resources and social services and a checklist of practical questions that helpers have in mind. … [The book] provides an excellent review of the current legal responses to domestic violence in Australian jurisdictions. I would recommend the book … – Journal of Family Studies, Vol 10(1), April 2004

[A]n invaluable text for anyone whose work brings him/her into contact with this issue. From the outset, the author … stresses that a holistic, interagency approach is required. … This book is an excellent resource for providing clients [of family therapists and other counsellors] with accurate and essential information about the legal avenues for addressing domestic violence. – ANZ Journal of Family Therapy, Vol 24(3), September 2003

This practical guide … will make useful reading for anyone involved in providing services/assistance to victims of domestic violence. – Family Matters, No 62, Winter 2002

A fantastic reference for lawyers, Domestic Violence in Australia: The Legal Response serves also as a functional summary for social workers and anyone involved in the support of families disrupted by violence. … Ms Alexander explains practically every option the law provides to victims of domestic violence. She also analyses their relative merits. – Law Institute Journal (Vic), December 2002

This exceptionally useful book explains the wide range of available legal responses to domestic violence in each Australian jurisdiction. – Educational Book Review (India), Nov-Dec 2002

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