Table of Contents

Part I – Hate Speech and Freedom of Speech in Australia: The Landscape

Speech and the Australian Legal and Political Landscape

Katherine Gelber

The Volatility of Racism in Australia

Ann Curthoys

The Reconstruction of Hate Language

Gail Mason

How to Think about the Problem of Hate Speech: Understanding a Comparative Debate

Adrienne Stone

Part II – Regulating Hate Speech in Practice

Parliamentary Privilege and Homosexual Vilification

Lisa Hill

Problems with Evidence in Hate Speech Cases

Kate Eastman

Hate Speech, Sedition and the War on Terror

Simon Bronitt

Salvation and the State: Religious Vilification Laws and Religious Speech

Lawrence McNamara

Part III – Hate Speech and the Emerging Human Rights Framework

Parliamentary Deliberation about Religious Vilification Legislation

Simon Evans and Carolyn Evans

Does a Bill of Rights Matter? Comparing Australia and New Zealand

Luke McNamara

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