Critics’ Reviews

Reviews of previous editions:

This is a robust, comprehensive and up to date book about the law of New South Wales. Despite its specific jurisdictional focus anyone with a practical or theoretical interest in how crime is defined, law enforced or trials conducted will find this book to be an invaluable resource. Intended as a law school text its authors achieve a very rare double of serving well two readerships-academic and practitioner… Whilst constantly challenging a reader’s assumptions in such manner the text never slips into the impenetrable language of postmodern critical theory. It remains a book any practicing lawyer can read with enjoyment…I highly recommend it. – Tasmanian Law Society, Law Letter, Winter 2011

A work that any practitioner in the criminal law field can gainfully read, and this is facilitated by the use of Commonwealth and other State legislation and case law. No doubt a number of the propositions can be challenged but overall it is an excellent reference written in a stimulating fashion. – Victorian Bar News

The authors must be congratulated … (they) have undertaken a task which is extraordinarily ambitious in order to provide a much broader insight into the workings and construction of criminal law in our society. – Australian Law Librarians’ Newsletter

This is a most excellent textbook to be recommended for all undergraduate law courses in New South Wales. – NSW Law Society Journal

The issues raised in this massive work are important and enlightening. [It makes a] valuable contribution to the study and practice of criminal law. Its critical (though somewhat unorthodox) style and thought-provoking comment are bound to make it popular. – Victorian Law Institute Journal

For the student of law, Criminal Laws is an exciting and challenging introduction to the subject of criminal law and should stimulate debate in the classroom. For the practitioner, it is an excellent reference book providing an accessible resource of materials often ignored through pressure of time and casework. – Legal Services Bulletin

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