Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the First Edition


Chapter 1: An Introduction to Insolvency Law


Part One: Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 2: The Foundations of Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 3: Commencement of Bankruptcy

Chapter 4: Property of the Bankrupt

Chapter 5: Proprietary Claims of Third Parties

Chapter 6: Preserving the Bankrupt Estate

Chapter 7: Enhancing the Bankrupt Estate

Chapter 8: Administering the Bankrupt Estate

Chapter 9: The Proof, Valuation, and Payment of Claims

Chapter 10: Discharge of the Bankrupt


Part Two: Commercial Restructuring Law

Chapter 11: The Foundations of Commercial Restructuring Law

Chapter 12: Commencing Restructuring Proceedings

Chapter 13: Operating the Business

Chapter 14: Governance and Supervision

Chapter 15: Claims and Priorities

Chapter 16: Developing and Approving the Plan


Part Three: Receivership Law

Chapter 17: The Foundations of Receivership Law

Chapter 18: Commencement, Administration, and Supervision of the Receivership

Chapter 19: The Status, Powers, Duties, and Liabilities of the Receiver


Part Four: Other Insolvency Regimes

Chapter 20: Alternatives to Consumer and Farm Bankruptcy

Chapter 21: Specialized Insolvency Regimes

Chapter 22: Cross-Border Insolvencies


Table of Cases


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