Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Criteria and Objectives of Child Support
Chapter 2: Jurisdiction
Chapter 3: Definitions of “Child of the Marriage”; Adult Children; Obligation of De Facto Parent
Chapter 4: Determination of Income; Disclosure of Income
Chapter 5: Special or Extraordinary Expenses
Chapter 6: Shared Parenting Arrangements
Chapter 7: Undue Hardship
Chapter 8: Impact of Child Support on Spousal Support
Chapter 9: Low and High Income Earners; Annual Income over $150,000
Chapter 10: Effect of Order or Agreement or Other Arrangement That Benefits Child; Consent Orders
Chapter 11: Form and Types of Order
Chapter 12: Effect, Registration, and Enforcement of Child Support Orders
Chapter 13: Variation, Rescission, or Suspension of Child Support Orders
Chapter 14: Evidence; Procedure; Costs
Chapter 15: Appeals
Appendix A: Divorce Act
Appendix B: Federal Child Support Guidelines
Table of Cases

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