Table of Contents


Chapter One
Introduction: Farm Workers, Collective Bargaining Rights, and the Meaning of Constitutional Protection
Judy Fudge

Chapter Two
Farm Worker Exceptionalism: Past, Present, and the post-Fraser Future  

Eric Tucker

Chapter Three
The Roots of Organizing Agriculture Workers in Canada
Wayne Hanley

Chapter Four
Development as Remittances or Development as Freedom? Exploring Canada’s Temporary Migration Programs from a Rights-based Approach
Kerry Preibisch

Chapter Five
Envisioning Equality: Analogous Grounds and Farm Workers’ Experience of Discrimination
Fay Faraday

Chapter Six
Harvest Pilgrims: Migrant Farm Workers in Ontario
Vincenzo Pietropaolo

Chapter Seven
The Fraser Case: A Wrong Turn in a Fog of Judicial Deference
Paul JJ Cavalluzzo

Chapter Eight
What Fraser Means For Labour Rights in Canada
Steven Barrett and Ethan Poskanzer

Chapter Nine
Labour Rights: A Democratic Counterweight to Growing Income Inequality in Canada
Derek Fudge

Chapter Ten
The International Constitution
Patrick Macklem

Chapter Eleven
Giving Life to the ILO —Two Cheers for the SCC
KD Ewing and John Hendy, QC

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