Critics’ Reviews

“This book is key to understanding Bill C-51. The authors rightly criticize provisions of the Act as endangering free speech, authorizing unnecessary disruption, and lacking oversight. Their quarrel is with the radical means to be employed by government agencies — almost guaranteeing court challenges — and with the absence of any effective anti-terrorism strategy. This is a valuable resource for anyone trying to get behind the political rhetoric to understand an important and complex issue.”

Ron Atkey, P.C., Q.C., first Chair of the Security Intelligence Review Committee

“Professors Roach and Forcese take the reader on a comprehensive
journey through Canada’s anti-terror efforts, providing invaluable
depth, insight, analysis, and most importantly, their informed
conclusions for the most effective ways forward.  This work is

Sukanya Pillay, General Counsel, Canadian Civil Liberties Association
“A vital threshold and fair-minded analysis of the excesses,
inadequacies, assumptions, and judgments impacting the new national
security laws in Canada; coherent, inclusive, and trenchant — not to be
missed or set aside. Invaluable to all those who care about the right
balance between freedom and security.”
Hugh Segal, former Chair of the Special Senate Committee on Anti-terrorism
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