Table of Contents


The Hon AM Gleeson AC, Chief Justice of New South Wales

Prologue/ Acknowledgments/ List of illustrations

At the Bar

The Education of a Barrister

Early Days in Practice

The Advocate’s Skill

Landmark Cases

The Banks Nationalisation Case


Housing the Bar


I Turn to Politics

Cabinet Minister under Menzies

Matters Matrimonial

Petrov, ASIO and the Crimes Act

Company Law and Trade Practices

The Snowy Mountains

Minister for External Affairs

Muscle Men and Portuguese Sailors

West New Guinea Indonesia and Malaysia

Journey to South East Asia

I Leave Politics

Chief Justice

Justice in the High Court

The Building on the Lakeside

Danger Zones

A Balanced View of Conservation

The Order of Australia

The Rule of Law and the Constitution




Curriculum Vitae

Interview with Sir Garfield

Extracts from Garfield Barwick’s Personal Memorandum on West New Guinea

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