Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Stephen Garton


A Pedantic Note on Judicial Titles

List of Illustrations

Dramatis Personae

A Pleasant, Lively, Talkative Youth

The Timely Arrival of Mr Stephen

I Will Not Be a Judge If I Can Be Attorney-General

Too Impertinent For a ‘Colonial Attorney-General’

A Bold Step

“Scenes In Open Court” and a “Court of Honour”

The Step to a Chief Justiceship

The Praise of Unwearying Industry

Every Confidence In the Ability of the Judges

Approaching Responsible Government

An Object of Legitimate and Honourable Ambition

Kill No More Chief Justices

He Never Saw a Better Judge

Put to Flight by That Fellow Hargrave

The Liberality of Parliament

Vice-Regal Notices

Uninformed Talk – The Babble of Ignorance

Inexorable Dogma and Unreasoning Ecclesiasticism

Old Sir A. Stephen is Equal to Any

Getting Beyond a Joke



General Index

Statute Index

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