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Cases/ Index

Foreword by The Hon Elizabeth Evatt AC

Part 1 Colonies and States

The Introduction of Divorce



Reception of Divorce in the Australian Colonies

South Australia: 1858

Tasmania: 1858-1860

Victoria: 1858-1861

Western Australia: 1863

Queensland: 1862-1864

New South Wales: 1861-1873

Divorce Extension and the Waning of Colonial Rule: The More Populous States

Victoria: 1864-1958

New South Wales: 1873-1958

Divorce Extension: The Smaller States

South Australia: 1888-1941

Queensland: 1875-1953

Western Australia: 1897-1957

Tasmania: 1919-1959

Part 2 Marital Relations in a Federation: 1901-1975

The Commonwealth Becomes Involved

The Matrimonial Causes Power

The Dobson Bill, A First Attempt: 1901

World War One, A Global Problem: 1919

World War Two – The Problem Grows: 1945

A Step Towards Uniformity: 1955

And another Step-The Joske Bill: 1957

The Commonwealth Takes Over

The Matrimonial Causes Debates: House of Representatives: 1959

The Matrimonial Causes Debates: The Senate: 1959

Marriage and the Constitution: 1962

A Matter of Family Law

The Family Law Debates: The Senate: 1973-1975

The Family Law Debates: House of Representatives: 1974-1975

Some Conclusions and a Forward Glimpse

Acknowledgements/ Introduction

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