Table of Contents

Introduction: Premiers and politics, 1856-2006

Paul Strangio and Brian Costar

Haines, O’Shanassy, Nicholson and Heales: The old guard, 1855-1863

John Waugh

“The inevitable McCulloch” and his rivals, 1863-1877

John Waugh

Broken heads and flaming houses: Graham Berry, the wild colonial

Paul Strangio

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? Service and Gillies: The grand coalition premiers 1883-1890

John Lack

David Syme and the three stooges? The bust premiers: James Munro, William Shiels and JB Patterson, 1890-1894

John Lack

The quiet little man in a brown suit: George Turner and the politics of consensus

John Rickard

“Iceberg” Irvine and the politics of anti-Labor

John Rickard

Tommy Bent, ‘a man’

Weston Bate

John Murray and William Watt: The odd couple

David Dunstan

Alexander Peacock: The laughing pragmatist

John Chesterman

Harry Lawson, sure and steady

Margaret Fitzherbert

Elmslie, Prendergast and Hogan: Labouring against the tide

Peter Love

John Allan: The first agrarian

Brian Costar

William McPherson, ‘threepenny’ premier and philanthropist

Richard Allsop

Stanley Argyle: The incidental premier

Geoff Browne

Albert Dunstan: The jumping jack premier

Brian Costar

Tom Hollway: The bohemian

Brian Costar

John McDonald: A remorseful premier

Brian Costar

John Cain snr: The star-crossed premier

Paul Strangio

Henry Bolte: The lucky developer

David Dunstan

Rupert ‘Dick’ Hamer: The urbane liberal

Paul Rodan

Lindsay Thompson: The team player

Vicki Peel

John Cain jnr: The burden of history

Paul Strangio

Joan Kirner: The first feminist

Jennifer Curtin

Jeff Kennett: The larrikin metropolitan

Nick Economou

Steve Bracks: The quiet achiever

David Hayward


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