Table of Contents


History Always Repeats? Corruption, Culture and ‘Asian Values’

Tim Lindsey

PART I – Frameworks

Governance, Post-Washington Consensus and the New Anti-Politics

Kanishka Jayasuriya

Anti-corruption and Asian Legal Professions

Veronica Taylor

Functions and Dysfunctions of Corruption and its Reporting in Central and Eastern Europe

Leslie Holmes

PART II – Indonesia

Corruption and Good Governance: The New Frontier of Social Engineering

Howard Dick

Reflections on Corruption in Indonesia

Gary Goodpaster

Administrative Reforms in Indonesia?

Paul H Brietzke

Legends of the Fall: An Institutional Analysis of Indonesian Law Enforcement Agencies Combating Corruption

Ibrahim Assegaf

PART III – Vietnam

Corruption and the Outsider: Multinational Enterprises in Vietnam

Elizabeth Maitland

The Political-Legal Culture of Anti-Corruption Reforms in Vietnam

John Gillespie

The Vietnamese Courts and Corruption

Pip Nicholson

List of Legislation/ Index

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