Table of Contents

Part 1 – An Overview of Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Irregular Migration in Australia

Immigration, Refugees and Australian Nationhood

Compassion and Common Sense: Refugees and Immigration Control

The Essence of Control: Australia’s Experience of Irregular Migration and Asylum Seekers

People Smuggling and People Trafficking

Part 2 – Asylum and Refugee Status

Seeking Asylum: Refugee Status Determination Procedures

Who is a Refugee? The Refugee Definition and "Protection"

Protecting Australia: Border Control and the Deflection of Asylum Seekers

Refugee Outcomes: Temporary Protection, Permanent Settlement and Removal or Return

Part 3 – Immigration Detention

Enforcing Australia’s Immigration Laws: Arrest, Detention and Removal

Australia’s Mandatory Detention Regime: The Legal Issues

Mandatory Detention: Conditions of Detention

World’s Best Practice: Asylum in Other Countries

Part 4 – Conclusion

Imagining the Future: Control and Compassion


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