Critics’ Reviews

The book examines interview techniques of police officers, and gives fascinating insights into past and present police practices, such as how much to tell the suspect about the crime before the interview, the style of language and manner of the interviewer and how officers challenge inconsistencies in a suspect’s story. The text is liberally illustrated with examples from the research. – Victims’ Voice (SA), December 2007

All Canadian police services should consider purchasing Volume 23 of The Institute of Criminology Series, both for the importance of the subject and the soundness and depth of the analysis conducted.

Is there any area of controversy in policing more easily resolved than demonstrating through technology that the person questioned was treated fairly and fully informed of all rights?

…this text offers an encyclopedia of information as to what may and must not be done when questioning detainees. – Canada’s National Law Enforcement, Blue Line Magazine, August/ September 2009

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