Table of Contents

Part I – Challenges to Reform

Corruption and Reform: Global Trends and Theoretical Perspectives

Tim Prenzler

Miscarriages of Justice

Janet Ransley

Public Order Policing

David Baker

Race Relations

Rick Sarre and Syd Sparrow

Sex Discrimination

Tim Prenzler

The Politics of Reform

Jenny Fleming and Colleen Lewis

Part II – Innovations in Creating Ethical Police Departments

Monitoring Integrity

David Brereton

Alternative Strategies for Resolving Complaints

Andrew Ede and Michael Barnes

Complaint Profiling and Early Warning Systems

Meredith Basset and Tim Prenzler

Changing Police Procedures

Tess Newton-Cain

Integrity Testing

Ross Homel

Civil Litigation

Jude McCulloch

Independent Investigation of Complaints

Tim Prenzler

Predicting Misconduct Before Hiring Police

Michelle Karas

Situational Corruption Prevention

Andrew Ede, Ross Homel and Tim Prenzler

References/ Index

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