Table of Contents


Part 1 – Making sense of our situation

Australian unions – what is the problem?

What the hell happened to us?

Why are unions in Australia the way they are?

What kind of unions are we?

Part 2 – Rethinking Unionism

LHMU South Australia

Defining unionism that works

Organising and leadership

Strategic choice

Part 3 – Rebuilding organisational capacity

Doing the union’s work differently

Member service centres

Splitting the organiser workforce

Organising existing members

Organising new members – the role of external or growth organisersThe role of the industrial officer

Union education

National offices

Financing change

Finding additional resources to win

Part 4 – Building strategic leverage

Our strategy towards employers

Managing the employer relationship

The need for scale in organising

Doing politics differently

The closed shop and the future

Part 5 – Driving comprehensive change


Women in leadership



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