Table of Contents

Foreword by Michael Coper/Acknowledgments/List of Contributors/Table of Cases/Table of Statutes


Susan Corcoran

Part I Fundamental Themes

Theories of Statutory Interpretation

Suzanne Corcoran

The Architecture of Interpretation: Dynamic Practice and Constitutional Principles

Suzanne Corcoran

Statutes and the Common Law: The Continuing Story

Paul Finn

The Interpretation of the Constitution

Leslie Zines

Ethical Interpretation and Democratic Positivism

Tom Campbell

Part II Specific Areas of Law

Human Rights and Statutory Interpretation

Hilary Charlesworth

Conceiving of Tradition: Dynamics of Judicial Interpretation and Explanation in Native Title Law

Anthony Connolly

A Framework for Understanding the Interpretation of Corporate Law in Australia

Stephen Bottomley

Employment Law — A Test of Coherence Between Statute and Common Law

Phillipa Weeks

Codifying the Criminal Law: Issues of Interpretation

Miriam Gani

Interpreting Law Enforcement Immunities: The Relationship Between Judicial, Legislative and Administrative Models

Simon Bronitt

Interpretive Approaches of the Tribunals and Courts in Discrimination Law

Peter Bailey, Rachel Callinan and Anna Dziedzic

Interpreting Family Law: A Case for Legislative Principles and Presumptions Regulating the Making of Parenting Orders

Juliet Behrens

Health Legislation: Interpretation Coherent with Conscience and International Human Rights

Thomas Faunce


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